How I learnt to throw away the curvy woman's fashion rule book and finally embrace the trends I've always loved

Rose Stokes has stopped adhering to the 'can'ts' imposed on curvy women

s a child and teen, I would spend hours poring over the fashion pages of magazines looking for inspiration, and trend-forecasting with my other fashion-forward friends. “Nautical is going to be a huge trend next season,” we would chirp. Later, we would learn that Breton stripes are always in style.

But despite my profound appreciation for fashion, it was never a space in which I saw myself reflected. 

From a young age, I struggled with my body image. In childhood, I had softer edges than my peers, causing me to stand out in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. I was never obese, not by a long stretch, but my thighs were close friends rather than distant relatives, and I was wearing bras in...



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